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Cheap affordable Sports supplements for everyone

Supplement Genie started through a passion for Sports Nutrition. Feeding your body the right nutrients to achive your goals, whether that be health, sport, athletic or Bodybuilding goals. Supplement Genie want to help you achieve this at a discount, affordable cost.

As a Company we are looking to grow. Not for our own benefit but for our customers. The quicker/larger we grow, the better our buying power which allows us to pass on bigger savings and discounts to our customers and also provide a fuller selection of the sports nutrition supplement s which you all love.
We intend to add to our portfolio and offer great Nutritional Products at competitive prices. But we need your help! Feedback is critical to success. we need to know what you want and equally important, how much you expect to pay :-).

Supplement Genie set out with one Mission… To supply top of the range Nutrition Products to our Customers while offering excellent discounts keeping the costs cheap and affordable.


Training is hard… It can also be very expensive… Gym costs, Class costs, equipment costs and Nutrition costs. We want to try and make this slightly easier for you all and keep some of your costs low as described above. We look to bring Nutrition products currently focusing on the main sports nutrition supplements such as Whey and Casein Protein, Amino Acids including BCAAs, Pre-workout Supplements including Pump Enhancers, the staple Bodybuilding supplements – Creatine and more including weight management – Fat burners. Going forward we aim to branch out into other areas to help our customers save costs in other areas.


Supplement Genie Promise

  • To offer Any additional savings, we get from suppliers, to our customers
  • To constantly source the best/most competitive deals
  • To keep out Customers best interests at the forefront at all times


At, we look to sell products that we believe add value to you as an athlete. But we appreciate that different people require different Supplements so we also aim to offer a diverse range of products whilst keeping the quality high. We closely monitor your reviews and the most popular/visited products to ensure we are giving what our customers want.

Regardless of your goal, whether cutting, bulking or maintaining. Whether an Endurance athlete, Power Lifter, Body Builder or simply someone who likes to keep fit and appreciates the importance of good nutrition. Supplement Genie look to cater to everyone’s needs. With an excellent selection of  Whey and Casein Protein Powders, Creatine, Mass/Weight Gainers, BCAAs, Glutamine, Intra & Post Workout Supplements as well as Top Brands including : Allmax Nutrition, Betancourt Nutrition, Dedicated Nutrition, Grenade, Animal, BSN, Kaged Muscle.

We offer a range of popular products which include a Massive offering From the Animal, Grenade, CNP ranges. Some of BSNs staple products including NO Xplode and Endorush. Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass and 100% Whey Protein Powder. Grenades massively popular Cark Killa Protein bars, Cobra Labs massively popular Pre-Workout Powders as well as a continually growing range of Female orientated supplements and vegetarian/vegan supplements..


At Supplement Genie, we want to make sure everyone is covered and that we exceed in expectations. If you see one of our products cheaper elsewhere, let us know and if we can we will do what we can to beat the price and meet our goal of offering the cheapest Sports supplements in the UK.