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ALRI - Achieve Legendary Results - Founded in 2001 to provide top of the range, quality assured Sports supplements to help you achieve your training goals

ALRI put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their products and put each through strict in-house testing. ALR Industries have a massive facility which is considered to be on the top, most advanced facilities in the "natural products industry"

ALRI have a massive range of products which Include Pre-Workouts, Testosterone Boosters and Amino Acids

Supplement Genie offers a competitively priced Range of ALRI Supplements, keeping prices low on products such as Chained-Out, HumaPro and Pro-Anabol.

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  • Sale! ALRI Chain'd Out

    Chain’d Out

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  • ALRI Duffel Bag

    Duffel Bag

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  • ALRI Glyco Infusion


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  • ALRI Humapro


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