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  • Help for ”Hard Gainers”
  • Helping with Natural Gains
  • Great as a Pre-Workout
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  • Help for ”Hard Gainers”
  • Helping with Natural Gains
  • Great as a Pre-Workout

M-Stak from Animal is aimed at the HardGainers and helping them to naturally put on Muscle Mass. Animal have made this using 5 different Complexes, each performing different tasks;

(1) Natural Flavone/Sterone Complex (including new Turkesterone)

Including; Beta-Ecdysterone (Cyanotis Vaga) and 5-Methyl-y-Methoxyisoflavone. These ingredients have the ability to help shuttle nutrients specifically towards lean mass accumulation, a process known as ‘nutrient partitioning’. The anabolic flavones in M-Stak can also help promote enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

Ajuga Turkestanica contains the potent phytosteroid, Turkesterone, which is believed to be extremely powerful in accelerating protein synthesis. Beta Sitosterol can help to promote a healthy immune system and may also help support healthy cortisol levels already within normal range.

(2) Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex (rich in Leucine)

With advanced forms of Leucine and the other BCAAs, these amino acids work from a cellular level to directly stimulate protein synthesis. Studies suggest that by adding Leucine along with a protein/carb meal, you get even greater whole body net protein balance than just consuming protein and carbs alone. These aminos help to stimulate muscle recovery and protein synthesis.

(3) Anabolic Adaptogen Complex(with safed musli and rosavins)

Including; Safed Musli, Muira Puama, and the isoflavones from Kudzu. Together these natural herbs and extracts have been suggested to help increase physical training capacity, improve endurance, minimize the catabolic stress response, decrease mental fatigue as well as support sexual health and boost support system function.

(4) Insulin Potentiating Complex (including colosolic acid and 4-hydroxyisoleucine among others)

Compounds designed to help your body to utilize ultra anabolic insulin both effectively and efficiently for supporting muscle growth. This helps lead to to increased uptake of glycogen and increased muscle cell volume which contributes to that full, pumped feeling when you workout.

(5) Energy Complex (as with Animal Pump, all the stims are in one red capsule for convenience and flexibility)

packed with powerful, natural stimulants designed to propel you through even the most grueling of training sessions. The addition of this complex, easily identifiable by its red capsule.

(6) New M-Factor Complex (with dihyroxybergmottin)

– works to promote nutrient utilization to ensure the powerful components of the formula are processed to maximum efficacy. Using ginger root extract coupled with the powerful absorption enhancers 6,7-Dihydroxybergmottin and Piper Nigrum Extract.



Animal Nutrition

animal are a highly reputable Supplement brand who offer a massive range of Nutrition Products

Regardless of your sporting goals, Animal is bound to have a Supplement to suit your needs. whether Bulking, Cutting or post-workout recovery, Animal have you covered with a range of Pre-workout, Mass Gainers, Weight?Management, Amino Acid Supplements and more!.

Animals range includes the Popular Animal Mass for those hard gainers, Animal Pak which is loaded with Vitamins and Minerals and Animal Whey which is a quality Post Workout, Recovery, Protein shake.

Supplement Genie offers an excellent selection of Animal Supplements, brought to you at a reduced price.

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