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  • Increase Intensity, focus & Endurance
  • Extreme Muscle Pumps
  • Unparalleled¬†Energy
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  • Increase Intensity, focus & Endurance
  • Extreme Muscle Pumps
  • Unparalleled¬†Energy

Dorian Yates Blood and Guts has been designed to maximize training performance and optimise mental cognition.

Blood and Guts fuse together powerful dosages of performance-powerhouses including citrulline malate, arginine AKG, and beta-alanine for huge muscle pumps, unparalleled endurance and phenomenal strength increases.

Blood and Guts also contains an array of stimulants to enhance mental cognition, ensuring you’re as mentally prepared as you are physically before beginning your workout.

Dorian Yates recognises that intensity can be a problem for a large number of Trainees, Blood & Guts formula combats this and puts intensity at the forefront of your training sessions. From the very first serving, a swift infusion of mental stimulants kick-in and get your neurotransmitters firing.

You should find that your focus and concentration improve markedly, as the bitter orange extract, caffeine, L-tyrosine, and green tea extract amplify your mental state. Citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and arginine AKG also combine to increase blood flow to working muscles, prolong endurance and blast overall strength levels through the roof.

The beauty of citrulline malate alongside arginine AKG is that it supports ammonia recycling which results in nitric oxide production, leading to insane pumps during training and enhanced nutrient delivery.


Dorian Yates

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Blueberry, Cola, Bubble Gum, Pear Kiwi


Dorian Yates


Nitric Oxide Booster, Pre-Workout


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