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  • 4:1:1 Pharmaceutical Grade BCAA Ratio
  • Works Well Alongside EVP
  • NO Stimulating
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  • 4:1:1 Pharmaceutical Grade BCAA Ratio
  • Works Well Alongside EVP
  • NO Stimulating

Cell K.E.M. has been formulated with the aim of  maximizing cellular volumization, support vasodilation, and to optimize cell-enriching blood and nutrient delivery.

Both Cell K.E.M and EVP from Evogen contain several similar ingredients. This is because both products are formulated to maximize bloodflow to feed anabolism.

Key Differences

EVP, the Pre-workout Solution, is designed to deliver immediate muscle pump and an anabolic spike, with FUSIL. EVP also contains performance boosting nootropics to help sharpen mental focus , without the use of pump-killing adrenal stimulants.

Cell K.E.M. is designed to work in synergy with EVP, supporting maximum hardness, fullness and recovery by providing sustained, growth-enhancing pump and volumization, along with the 4:1:1 ratio of fermented, pharmaceutical grade BCAAs.

Whereas EVP contains nootropics that are useful for the pre- and intra-workout performance boosting, Cell K.E.M. utilizes multiple NO-stimulating agents in its Osmotic Expansion Matrix. Along with anti-oxidants, free-radical scavengers and cellular detoxifiers which help to protect against cellular trauma and facilitate recovery, Cell K.E.M. contains additional NO support agents in its Recovery Augmenting / Anti-Catabolic Complex that also serves to intensify volumization and expansion by further supporting NO production.

Cell K.E.M. delivers the key nutrient building blocks needed to help maximize anabolic response.

What is Cell K.E.M.?

Cell K.E.M. meticulously combines key muscle-building agents in precise ratios that have been proven to synergistically: – Maximize blood flow, cellular expansion and volumization – Trigger anabolism – Promote new cell growth by providing the building blocks for cellular reconstruction – Clear the pathway for anabolism by neutralizing the oxidative stress that results from high-intensity training.



Evogen Evogen

Started by Natural BodyBuilder and Biologist Hany Rambod AKA "The Pro Creator"

Hany has a lot of experience in consulting roles with to Athletes, BodyBuilders and Sports Stars. He wanted a Sports nutrition Supplement that gave all the nutrients he believed important, thus Evogen was born.

Evogen pride themselves on the quality of their Supplements, developed by an athlete for use by athletes. With a wide range of products coming in different varieties, you should be able to find a product to suit your needs.

Supplement Genie offer discounted prices on top Evogen Supplements, including, IsoJect - Whey Protein Isolate, AminoJect - an excellent Amino Acid formula and EVP, Evogens Post Workout Recovery Supplement.

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