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  • Combination of 6 forms of Creatine
  • Enriched with Taurine to aid Performance
  • Contains Creatine Magna Power
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  • Combination of 6 forms of Creatine
  • Enriched with Taurine to aid Performance
  • Contains Creatine Magna Power

Creatine Xplode from Olimp Nutrition contains a mixture of 6 different forms of Creatine.

The ingredients of this creatine powder blend are appropriately balanced so that the release of free creatine molecules is highest immediately after the consumption of Creatine Xplode.

As mentioned, Olimp Nutrition has included 6 forms of creatine in Creatine Xplode, Including malate, ethyl ester, alpha-ketoglutarate, pyruvate, citrate, as well as creatine chelate of magnesium (Creatine Magna Power). The use of these high-performance forms of creatine helps to ensure minimal losses of the substance (into inactive creatine) under the unfavourable conditions of the alimentary tract.

After the Release of the free Creatine molecule, the energetic metabolites of creatine (pyruvate, malate or alpha-ketoglutarate) participate in the energy changes (including the Krebs cycle), which should directly contribute to a decrease in the subjective feeling of tiredness commonly experienced by athletes.

Creatine Xplode has also been enriched with taurine, which can be very effective in synergistically influencing the increase of exercise volume as well as contributing to the improvement of sports performance and shortens the time required for post-exercise regeneration.

Creatine Xplode can be taken by anyone who partakes in sporting activities, regardless of their current level. Creatine Xplode is intended to contribute to a distinct improvement in training performance and a noticeable shortening of body regeneration time. The use of Creatine Xplode should be found beneficial by anyone active on a daily basis due to their job or other duties. The mixture of 6 types of creatine used in the product will give you a supply of strength for an entire active day.


Olimp Nutrition

Olimp sports Nutrition Olimp Sports Nutrition

Olimp Nutrition was founded in 1990 as part of Olimp Laboratories.

Nearly 30 years later, Olimp Sports have an excellent reputation for developing a comprehensive range of quality Sports and Dietary supplements

Olimp sports Nutrition's range includes some excellent Mass Gain Powders, Protein Powder Concentrates as well as top quality BCAAs.

Supplement Genie are always looking at better ways to bring you the cheapest discount prices on Olimp Nutrition Sports and Bodybuilding Supplements.

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