• Weight Management
  • Green Coffee, Green Tea & SINETROL
  • Boost Metabolism
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  • Weight Management
  • Green Coffee, Green Tea & SINETROL
  • Boost Metabolism

Define it Lady was formulated bt Olimp Queen Fit specifically for women who want to reduce body mass and maintain a better shape by accelerating and optimising their metabolism.
Queen Fit Define It Lady provides excellent support in your efforts to get into perfect shape. 

Queen Fit Define It Lady contains some key ingredients to help stimulate your metabolism and aid fat burning. Ingredients include:

SINETROL® and L-Carnitine – SINEROL is a patented citrus fruit and guarana extract. Both of these substances support one another’s effects. Firstly, the most critical elements are the polyphenols contained in SINETROL®, which function as antioxidants, and the guarana extract – which accelerates lipolysis, which, in turn, facilitates the decomposition of the triglycerides contained in fat tissue cells (adipocytes) into free fatty acids and glycerol. Following on from this, the effects of L-carnitine kick in, which enables the transportation of fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membrane into the matrix of the energy centre of the cell, where the compounds are decomposed.

Caffeine – The effects of carnitine are further intensified by caffeine, which stimulates lipolysis.

Green coffee extract (standardised to 50% of ACG chlorogenic acid content).

Green tea extract (which also has strong antioxidising properties) (Dulloo et al., 1999; Venables et al., 2008), additionally supplemented by the guarana extract.

Improvement of the rate of thermogenesis can also prove to be extremely effective. It translates into much quicker results owing to such factors as an increase in passive calorie expenditure due to the increase in body temperature. Thermogenesis and fat tissue metabolism are additionally enhanced by the effects of the black pepper extract, containing up to 95% of piperine and the cayenne pepper extract, standardised to 8% of capsaicin content, which stimulates the absorption of other active ingredients of the formula even further.

The weight loss effects are also intensified by the addition of raspberry extract (standardised to 98% raspberry ketone content), which provides better appetite control, and chromium picolinate, an organic chromium compound which is beneficial when it comes to keeping blood glucose at the right level and which is proven to be important for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates and fats (Anderson RA, 1986; Kobla, Volpe, 2000). The effects of these components provide the user with better control over the quantity and quality of their food consumption and reduce the appetite and desire for sweets.

The stability of metabolic processes is additionally sustained by nicotinic acid which, together with 98% L-theanine, supports the functioning of the nervous system. Also, the addition of nettle extract has a beneficial effect on the hair, skin and nails and, acting in unison with potassium chloride, it reduces water retention in the body.


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