Can Aid in Muscle & Strength Gains
All Natural Herbal Extracts
Can Assist with Fat Burning

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  • Can Aid in Muscle & Strength Gains
  • All Natural Herbal Extracts
  • Can Assist with Fat Burning

Enigma from Dedicated is a natural non-hormonal performance & lean muscle enhancing product designed for use by both male and female athletes.

Enigma helps to build muscle, increase strength and performance. Best of all, Enigma is natural, safe and even proven very healthy in various studies. The only side effects users reported were incredible muscle pumps and increased vascularity. Even better is that the gains made from Enigma will not diminish once you stop using the product.

Enigma works by increasing Follistatin which in course decreases Myostatin. Myostatin naturally limits the amount of muscle mass we can build. By reducing Myostatin we can thus cheat our genetics by allowing more muscle to be built while less muscle is being broken down.

Enigma features as its key ingredient a monster dose of real Epicatechin naturally derived from Green Tea. Although Epicatechin is a ground breaking performance enhancing compound, it is extremely poorly absorbed. By fusing natural Epicatechin with EGCG Green Tea extract, and Dedicated’s unique Cocoa extract Cocoa-Drol, the flavonoid Quercetine and the patented absorption enhancers Bioperine and Astragin; we unlock its true potential. Never before have you been able to experience the real muscle building, fat burning, performance enhancing, pump increasing and all round awesomeness of Myostatin!

2 capsules is all it takes for Enigma to help increase performance, strength, endurance and ignite an anabolic vascular pump unlike ever before. The longer you will use it, the more pronounced the gains can be. Can be used for fat burning or to build muscle mass and strength.


Dedicated Nutrition

Are you Dedicated? Dedicated_Nutrition

Dedicated Nutrition is another of Supplement Genies Featured Brands

Dedicated Nutrition ave the goal of producing the best Sports supplements available and from the range, we at Supplement Genie have sampled, they are not far off achieving their goal.

Dedicated nutrition has a comprehensive range available. #Gainz has proven to be an excellent choice for anyone looking to add extra calories to their diet and gain muscle mass, Dominate is their Natural Testosterone booster and Fusion Pro is an excellent Blend of Whey and Casein Protein.

Dedicated Nutrition is highly thought of at Supplement Genie and we want to keep low prices to give everyone the chance of trying this excellent brand.


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