• Muscle Pumps
  • Helps Boost Energy, Focus & Performance
  • 100% Carb & Sugar Free
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  • Muscle Pumps
  • Helps Boost Energy, Focus & Performance
  • 100% Carb & Sugar Free

EVP Plus is a Pre-Workout from Evogen intended to help increase Energy and Focus as well as ignite recovery and growth.

EVP Plus is designed with the intention of creating the perfect balance between the muscle pumps of EVP while boosting energy levels with ingredients that can support strength, focus and performance.

EVP Plus has about as much caffeine as a double shot of espresso, which can help you achieve the same pumps of EVP and contains several nootropics to enhance your focus during training.

What’s the plus?

The “plus” in EVP Plus refers to the finely-tuned energy complex, designed to help rapidly increase energy levels while supporting focus and performance. EVP Plus shouldnt over-stimulate and cause vasoconstriction – meaning you should get all of the benefits of EVP for the perfect balance of ramped-up energy levels with the same, msucle pumps youre used to!

One of the key ingredients in EVP Plus is BioPerine, a nutrient-absorption enhancer that multiplies the effectiveness of the proprietary energy complex while helpibng to increase absorption and boost the effects of EVPs core ingredients.

The result should be an even stronger pump than before and clean energy boost that gets rapidly transported into your system.

EVP Plus provides a great balance of a clean energy complex with great muscle pumps.

The Anabolic Trigger

Available only through Evogen Nutrition, FUSIL is fermented, ultra-soluble L-Leucine of the highest quality, made for maximum absorption. L-Leucine is often called “the anabolic trigger” because it stimulates protein synthesis and ignites anabolic reactions throughout the body, accelerating the process of muscle growth and repair. FUSIL is manufactured under a precise, strictly monitored fermentation process to ensure that it is of the highest quality and purity.



Evogen Evogen

Started by Natural BodyBuilder and Biologist Hany Rambod AKA "The Pro Creator"

Hany has a lot of experience in consulting roles with to Athletes, BodyBuilders and Sports Stars. He wanted a Sports nutrition Supplement that gave all the nutrients he believed important, thus Evogen was born.

Evogen pride themselves on the quality of their Supplements, developed by an athlete for use by athletes. With a wide range of products coming in different varieties, you should be able to find a product to suit your needs.

Supplement Genie offer discounted prices on top Evogen Supplements, including, IsoJect - Whey Protein Isolate, AminoJect - an excellent Amino Acid formula and EVP, Evogens Post Workout Recovery Supplement.

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