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  • Muscle Pumps
  • Helps Boost Energy, Focus & Performance
  • Multiple Uses/Benefits
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  • Muscle Pumps
  • Helps Boost Energy, Focus & Performance
  • Multiple Uses/Benefits

EVP,  short for Evopoietin One Alpha is a Stimulant Free Pre-Workout from Evogen.

EVP has been designed with the specific intention to augment the internal mechanisms that trigger and support muscle growth.

EVP contains potent, unique and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients of the highest quality and purity, meticulously combined to optimize the internal training environment. The specialized ingredients in EVP help result in a flood of enriching nutrients into the muscle cell, causing an increase in blood volume with a corresponding “swelling” of muscle tissues – the “Pump”.

EVP synergistically combines powerful proven, performance-boosting ingredients to deliver muscle-cell volumizing and fascia-stretching pumps. Within 20 minutes of consumption, your muscles should be maximally engorged with nutrient-rich blood.

EVP was formulated to: – Stimulate protein synthesis to ignite the body’s muscle-building machinery – Increase training performance by supporting cellular energy pathways – Support increased muscle cell volume for massive muscle pumps – Enhance mental focus without the use of stimulants, for subtle but intense and improved concentration

How Does EVP Work?

1. Pharmaceutical Anabolic Catalyst (FUSIL):

FUSIL(Fermented, Ultra-Soluble L-Leucine), the driving force behind EVP’s powerhouse formula, is high-grade, fermented L-Leucine of the highest quality, then made ultra-soluble for maximum absorption. FUSIL is only available through EVOGEN Nutrition. L-Leucine is often called “the anabolic trigger” because it stimulates protein synthesis and ignites anabolic reactions within the body, accelerating the process of muscle growth and repair. FUSIL is manufactured under a precise, strictly monitored fermentation process, to ensure that this ingredient is of the absolute highest quality and purity possible. EVP incorporates this powerful, pharmaceutical grade muscle building agent, along with the proven effects of Glutamine, Citrulline Malate and a full spectrum B-Vitamin package that can maximize your training while simultaneously enhance recovery and trigger new muscle growth.

2. Nutrient Injection/Volumizing Complex:

EVP contains a precise combination of specific compounds that help contribute to intra-cellular fluid shift and cytoplasmic expansion. This specific quad-arginine blend combined with creatine gluconate can increases cell volume and nutrient delivery into the muscle tissue. Additionally, these substrates facilitate ATP production pathways within the muscle cells, to support and fuel ongoing, intense muscular contractions and delay the onset of muscular fatigue for measurable physical performance enhancement.

3. Anticatabolic/Recovery Complex:

EVP combines the high-grade L Glutamine with Carnosyn (Beta Alanine), and L-Glutamine AKG to create a synergistic anticatabolic and recovery complex. L-Glutamine contributes to muscle building and muscle protective processes in several critical ways. EVP combines a dual-Glutamine blend with the other key components of this complex to yield powerful anticatabolic and immune supporting effects for muscle growth and recovery.

4. ATP/Cognitive Enhancing Complex:

EVP’s ATP/Cognitive Enhancing Complex was specifically formulated to support mental focus, alertness and mind-muscle connection. EVP does not contain vaso-constrictive stimulants which could inhibit blood flow to muscles and stress the adrenal glands with daily use. This sophisticated neuro-support cocktail may enhance training performance, working in synergy with, rather than antagonistic to, the high-power volumizing, nutrient-driving agents of EVP.

EVP contains no unnecessary or antagonistic ingredients. You will also not need to “stack” additional or less complete products that will hinder your gains by creating unnecessary system toxicity. EVP is 100% sugar free, maltodextrin free and carbohydrate free. These ingredients are often used as fillers or binders that can contribute to insulin spikes and shut down fat burning mechanisms. EVP can allow you to maintain fullness and maximum pump even on the most restrictive pre-contest, low-carb or ketogenic diet.

EVP Has Many Purposes and Uses:

1. Pre-Workout:

EVP primes the body for the pump. This helps bring nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, allowing them to bathe in the anabolic nutrients contained in EVP. The “pump” caused by this enhanced blood volume causes the muscle fascia to stretch, allowing more room for growth and signaling the release of localized growth factors.

2. Recovery:

Post-workout use EVP to helpcounter catabolism and enhance the adaptive response to intense training. The anabolic nutrients in EVP have been shown to trigger protein synthesis to spark new growth and stimulate protein synthesis, cellular growth and the repair of damaged and depleted muscle cells in the post-training phase.

3. Grow While You Sleep:

Eight hours of sleep can be great for recovery, but those same eight hours mean an extended period of time without the ingestion of muscle-building nutrients. When sleeping, the body’s amino acid pool can quickly become depleted, which in turn can cause the body to eat away at precious muscle tissue. Taking EVP prior to bedtime can ensure that your amino acid pool is never depleted, creating a virtual liquid armor against catabolism.

4. Power Up:

Sports such as Powerlifting, Football, Bodybuilding, Baseball and MMA require explosive bursts of muscular power. EVP can help provide fuel for that power for athletes in any physically demanding sport! Endurance or extreme athletes, including long-distance runners, tri-athletes, MMA or Cyclists mayalso find the performance- and recovery-boosting and muscle-protecting, muscle-building properties of EVP to be useful. EVP harnesses the muscle-building effects of FUSIL, combined with the proven performance-boosting, anti-fatigue and recovery components of it’s battle tested formula to fuel hard training, nourish recovery and stimulate new muscle growth.



Evogen Evogen

Started by Natural BodyBuilder and Biologist Hany Rambod AKA "The Pro Creator"

Hany has a lot of experience in consulting roles with to Athletes, BodyBuilders and Sports Stars. He wanted a Sports nutrition Supplement that gave all the nutrients he believed important, thus Evogen was born.

Evogen pride themselves on the quality of their Supplements, developed by an athlete for use by athletes. With a wide range of products coming in different varieties, you should be able to find a product to suit your needs.

Supplement Genie offer discounted prices on top Evogen Supplements, including, IsoJect - Whey Protein Isolate, AminoJect - an excellent Amino Acid formula and EVP, Evogens Post Workout Recovery Supplement.

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