• 75g of Carbohydrates per Serving
  • Excellent Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Profile
  • Added Creatine and Taurine
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  • 75g of Carbohydrates per Serving
  • Excellent Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Profile
  • Added Creatine and Taurine

Gain bolic 6000 is the Mass Gain Shake from Olimp Nutrition. Dietary food. Olimp has fueled this Mass shake with high Protein and Carbohydrate concentrate.

Olimp Nutrition uses a comprehensive mixture of carbohydrates of various glycemic indexes and a complex of proteins which have been designed to promote growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Optimum Nutrition have also added carefully selected portions of creatine monohydrate and taurine. Creatine has been shown to contribute to the increase of physical capacity during short, repetitive high-intensity exercises.

Olimp Gain Bolic 6000 contains a mix if different Proteins including, micellar casein, ultrafiltered whey and egg protein. As well as a mix of creatine, dextrose and taurine which have been added to help accelerate and enhance the anabolic properties of this Mass Gainer Shake.

Olimp Nutrition has also enriched their Mass Gain Powder, Gain Bolic 6000, with vitamins and minerals, this Mass Gainer provides an excellent range of nutrients essential for the fast building of muscle mass and strength.

Gain Bolic 6000 is intended for persons with increased demand for energy and protein, who wish to quickly build muscle mass and strength or general exercise capacity.

Gain Bolic 6000 does not contain wheat proteins and lactose.


Olimp Nutrition

Olimp sports Nutrition Olimp Sports Nutrition

Olimp Nutrition was founded in 1990 as part of Olimp Laboratories.

Nearly 30 years later, Olimp Sports have an excellent reputation for developing a comprehensive range of quality Sports and Dietary supplements

Olimp sports Nutrition's range includes some excellent Mass Gain Powders, Protein Powder Concentrates as well as top quality BCAAs.

Supplement Genie are always looking at better ways to bring you the cheapest discount prices on Olimp Nutrition Sports and Bodybuilding Supplements.

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