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  • Long-Lasting Supply of Carbohydrates
  • Take Pre/Intra/Post Workout
  • Instant feed of Carbs to the Muscles
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  • Long-Lasting Supply of Carbohydrates
  • Take Pre/Intra/Post Workout
  • Instant feed of Carbs to the Muscles

Gluco-Infusion from ALRI is a Glycogen Super-Overload and Performance Matrix which provides a long-lasting supply of carbohydrates. A glycogen feed which has been structurally altered and pre-digested for immediate utilization and prolonged performance.

ALR Industries Glyco-Infusion is the perfect supplement for Strength, Performance and Endurance Athletes Looking For a Serious Super Glycogen Overload Supplement. the beauty of this supplement is that it is Vegan, Hypoallergenic, can be taked as a Pre, Intra or even Post Workout Supplement and does not result in bloating!

Glycogen can be taken:


To support maximum performance.


For glycogen replenishment and support of supra-compensation.


To support intensity, muscular energy and mental focus.

Glycogen Super-Overload and Performance Matrix Supports:

  • Muscle Size & Growth
  • Increases in muscle glycogen super-overload
  • Optimal nutrient infusion
  • Long-term performance & energy
  • Optimal GI clearance rate – so your muscles don’t have to wait
  • Increased nutrients, drawn into the bloodstream
  • No bloating, no stomach or GI upset
  • Low osmotic response
  • Optimal electrolyte modulation
  • Vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic and gluten-free


*Watermelon flavour comes in a heavier tub weighing around 2kg.



ALR Industries ALR_Indusrties

ALRI - Achieve Legendary Results - Founded in 2001 to provide top of the range, quality assured Sports supplements to help you achieve your training goals

ALRI put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their products and put each through strict in-house testing. ALR Industries have a massive facility which is considered to be on the top, most advanced facilities in the "natural products industry"

ALRI have a massive range of products which Include Pre-Workouts, Testosterone Boosters and Amino Acids

Supplement Genie offers a competitively priced Range of ALRI Supplements, keeping prices low on products such as Chained-Out, HumaPro and Pro-Anabol.

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