• 55g of protein per serving
  • 760 calories per serving
  • Complex carbs for prolonged energy release
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  • 55g of protein per serving
  • 760 calories per serving
  • Complex carbs for prolonged energy release

If you’re a “Hard Gainer” who struggles to add mass – Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Gainer could be the answer!

Essentially, mass gainers are protein supplements with an added calorie source from carbohydrates. Primarily designed for individuals who struggle to meet their calorie requirements from food alone – usually those with a naturally lean physique, otherwise known as the classic ectomorph. Mesomorphs with a significant proportion of muscle mass may also benefit from an increased calorie intake.

Gold Standard Mass Gainer boasts a whole host of qualities. Optimum Nutrition uses the same Whey Protein as in Gold Standard Whey – Whey Protein Isolate, offering a rapid absorption rate, delivering Protein straight to the Muscles. Gold Standard Mass Gainer also contains Complex carbohydrates from oats, peas and potatoes which provide a steady release of energy and help to replenish glycogen stores efficiently and boost caloric value. Along with that, you’re also getting healthy fats in the form of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), chia and flaxseeds.

Gold Standard Gainer Summarised:

  • Each serving of Gold Standard Gainer delivers around 55g of premium whey protein and 760 calories.
  • Rich in whey protein isolate, offering a high level of purity and rapid uptake.
  • Contains complex carbohydrates in the form of oats, peas and potato for prolonged energy release.
  • Lower in sugar compared with some high-calorie gainers.
  • Complete with ‘good’ fats: MCTs, flax and chia seeds.
  • Perfect for post-workout consumption, but can be consumed at any time of the day to stimulate recovery and boost calorie intake.
  • Mixes easily with cold water or milk in a shaker.


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