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  • Formulated for Females
  • Assists with Weight Management
  • Contains Whey and Casein Proteins
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  • Formulated for Females
  • Assists with Weight Management
  • Contains Whey and Casein Proteins

Good Morning AM Shake from Olimp Queen Fit is an excellent composition of multiple forms of protein designed especially for women who value both efficiency and taste.

Olimp Queen Fit have formulated Good Morning AM Shake with the primary focus on women who want to lose weight and improve their figure. The preparation helps you shape and tone your body and it does not cause excessive muscle growth.

Good Morning AM Shake serves as an excellent snack or as a great replacement for Sweet Treats.

Good Morning AM Shake contains

Whey Protein Concentrate and isolate

Provides a fast release instant hit of Protein first thing in the Morning

Micellar Casein

Offers continuous release of protein into the body over a number of hours.

An optimum amount of protein in the diet is an important factor in weight control and maintaining correct tissue proportions. Effective regeneration after training means better fat tissue metabolism, a longer-lasting sensation of fullness and general improvement of well-being. Proper quality of muscle tissue allows you to maintain appropriate definition, shape and firmness of the body. 

Collagen Hydrolysate – containing Small Peptides

Contains ingredients which are vital building blocks for connective tissue which are responsible for the proper healthy structure of the skin and its firmness and elasticity.

SINETROL and L-Carnitine

SINETROL is a patented citrus fruit and guarana extract, whose effects have been confirmed by clinical trials. Both of these substances support one another’s effects. Firstly, the most critical elements are the polyphenols contained in SINETROL which function as antioxidants (neutralization of free radicals and protection of cellular structures, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, and DNA) and the guarana extract – which accelerates lipolysis, which, in turn, facilitates the decomposition of the triglycerides contained in fat tissue cells (adipocytes) into free fatty acids and glycerol. Following on from this, the effects of L-carnitine kick in, which enables the transportation of fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membrane into the matrix of the energy centre of the cell, where the compounds are decomposed.


The corn fibre contained in the preparation is a source of a non-digestible carbohydrate fraction which improves digestion, absorbs fatty compounds from the gastrointestinal tract and enhances its cleansing. One of the preparations greatest advantages is the absence of gluten, which is present in most fibre products available on the market today.


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