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  • Extra Strong
  • Elastic
  • 198cm

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  • Extra Strong
  • Elastic
  • 198cm

Extra strong Elastic Knee wraps from FlexSports come at 198cm long.

Elastic Knee Wraps can help provide support and stability to the knee area during many activities.

To apply: start above the knee and wrap around once, cross knee cap and proceed below the knee and wrap once more around the bottom of the knee (this should create a figure eight design). Spiral up around knee area (over lapping material) to the top of the knee until elastic is expired. Tuck in last part of elastic under spiral.

Elastic Knee Wraps by Flexsports International are made of Super Red-Line elastic which has been developed for a extremely tight fit and to be worn for short periods of time only.

Popular Uses Elastic Ankle Wrap can be used for activities such as: – Exercising – Cycling – Hiking – Golfing – Tennis – Construction – Warehouse Work – Basketball – Rehabilitation

***This product does not prevent injuries. Power Straps should always be used under the guidance of a trained professional.***



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