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  • Helps to Lower Cortisol
  • Boosts Fat Burning Thyroid Hormones
  • High in Vitamin D3

Lean FX is the weight Management supplement from Athletic Xtreme. Lean FX works by targeting and lowering cortisol. Cortisol traps excess fat on your belly, hips, thighs and waist. Lean FX also nourishes the adrenals to help boost levels of fat-burning thyroid hormones. this combination helps you to effectively burn off stubborn fat.


Burning fat whilst maintaining Muscle can be very hard to do. This because cortisol breaks down muscle to make fuel, which can lower your strength and slow your metabolism. 

Lean FX is designed to counter this by lowering cortisol to help protect lean muscle on a diet. It can even help you build more muscle on a bulk.

Lean FX also provides a high dose of Vitamin D3 to help enhance muscle force contraction, prevent muscle weakness, and increase the size and strength of type II muscle fibres.


Lean FX focuses on controlling Cortisol levels instead of using thermogenics. This is because, when stress and cortisol levels are high, it’s nearly impossible to burn stubborn fat. This can make stimulant-based fat burners less effective. Lean FX provides seven of the best ingredients to lower harmful levels of cortisol so you can reduce belly fat, protect lean muscle and fire up your natural fat burning abilities.


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