• BCAA Blend
  • Added Caffeine and Taurine
  • 15 Calories Per Can
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  • BCAA Blend
  • Added Caffeine and Taurine
  • 15 Calories Per Can

Moose Juice is an excellent Energy Drink made with Zero Sugar or Aspartame from Muscle Moose, the makers of Muscle Mousse.

Moose Juice is made with added Caffeine and Taurine to help boost Energy Levels, also helping with raised focus and alertness.

Muscle Moose have packed Moose Juice with BCAAs. Great for someone attending the gym, not only giving them an energy boost, but also helping with the repair of muscles. BCAAS are essential Amino acids meaning the body cannot make them on its own and these are essential for building Muscle so supplementation is important..

Moose Juice provides a sustained release of energy keeping your energy levels topped up for a prolonged period.

And whats better, Moose Juice does all this with only 15 calories per can.


Muscle Moose


12 x 500ml


Apple, Berry, Blue Raspberry, Mojito


Muscle Moose


Energy, RTDs


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