• Can Promote, Hard, Full, Long Lasting Pumps
  • Aims to go Further than other NO Simulators
  • Helps increase NO Lifespan
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  • Can Promote, Hard, Full, Long Lasting Pumps
  • Aims to go Further than other NO Simulators
  • Helps increase NO Lifespan

Mutant Pump is formulated using clinically-proven doses of L-arginine alongside Hyperox, an ingredient that Mutant feel to be the worlds strongest Muscle Pump Simulator. Designed to help keep your muscle pumps hard, full, and long lasting.

Hyperox is Mutants PDE-5 blocking ingredient – PDE5 is a destructive enzyme that acts to hinder the biochemical processes that lead to a more powerful muscle pump, and until now, nearly every ordinary L-arginine -driven NO product has failed to block its effects.

With Mutant Pump, not only can it help you to boost NO production beyond all previous limits with its clinical dose of L-arginine, but Hyperox can help to extend the lifespan of every NO molecule flowing through your veins. The intended result is maximum saturation of NO that can help force your muscles to continue expanding giving you insane Mutant size and an explosive pump that will last long after your battle in the gym is over.

At the microscopic level, the powerful NO molecule is available in your blood for only a few seconds (again, even with a sustained-release formula). Then, through a series of biochemical processes, it’s converted into Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP), which acts to regulate various metabolic processes in the body, and is a huge driving force behind your pump. However, the premature death of your pump occurs when PDE5 converts cGMP into GMP. Once this conversion takes place, it immediately terminates the life of your pump. And this happens with every regular NO product on the market, because each basically works off the same mechanism – the L-arginine-NO pathway. So essentially, the NO you’re producing as a result of these products is simply being shut down by PDE5 at a rate about as fast as your body can make it, and thus, you’ll never reach maximum NO saturation or be able to keep your muscle pump.

In fact, Mutant Pump works off two pathways, not just one. By combining a precise dose of L-arginine and Hyperox, Mutant Pump help blunt the effects of PDE5 and intends to force a rapid influx of blood into your muscles. With virtually unlimited blood flow to your muscles you may not only experience a more commanding, extended pump, but also an accelerated increase in critical musclebuilding nutrients and oxygen, further augmenting the anabolic process for superior gains in muscle size and strength.

Stage 1:

Nitric Oxide (NO) diffuses into the smooth muscle cell where it activates the enzyme guanylyl cyclase (GC) causing an increase in the synthesis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which acts to regulate various metabolic processes in the body.

Stage 2:

cGMP is then broken down by PDE5, an enzyme found in smooth muscle that can negatively affect your ability to get the best pump possible. It’s at this stage in the complex NO biochemical pathway that regular L-arginine-driven NO products drop the ball – they simply fail to address this NO inhibitor that restricts NO production. This is where the proprietary ingredient Hyperox, which can only be found in new Mutant Pump, comes in to play.

Stage 3:

In combination with L-Arginine, Mutant Pump has been able to push NO production past all previous limits with its exclusive ingredient Hyperox. In fact, Hyperox is so strong that it works quickly to blunt the activity of the PDE5 enzyme and allows cGMP levels to increase substantially.

Stage 4:

The powerful cGMP molecule promotes a cascade of biochemical events that result in greater smooth muscle relaxation, allowing you to finally harness the full power of NO for more commanding muscle pumps and to help trigger new muscle growth like never before.




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