• 35g of Protein
  • Gain Mass
  • Complex Carbs
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  • 35g of Protein
  • Gain Mass
  • Complex Carbs

CNP Pro Mass is a high quality calorie dense mass gain drink. In order to gain muscle mass and bodyweight, an increase in calories is essential. General gym users, hard gainers or those with a fast metabolism can struggle to gain size, creating a cycle of frustration which can include overtraining. We want you to have the tastiest, easiest method of putting mass on quickly so you feel motivated and excited to train & can see your efforts rewarded in the time scale you expect. CNP Pro Mass is a high quality blend of premium proteins, complex carbohydrates & smart fats but is low in sugar & contains less than 3% lactose making it kind on digestion.



CNP Professional

CNP was formed in 1991 by former British Body Building champion Kerry Kays

CNP put a lot of research into all the Sports Nutrition products that they release and have a number of very popular products within the body building industry, including: CNP Pro-Whey, CNP Pro-Mass, CNP Pro-Creatine and CNP Pro-BCAA.

Check out Supplement Genies range of Discounted CNP Products. We are constantly looking to add to our current range.

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2.5kg, 4.5kg


Chocolate, Vanilla




Mass Gainers


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