• 19g of Protein
  • 37g of Carbs 
  • Oat blend 
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  • 19g of Protein
  • 37g of Carbs
  • Oat blend

Protein Flapjack+ from PhD Nutrition gives a handy snack for anyone looking to  help replenish the body with quality, healthy calories after a hard bout of intense exercise or throughout the day to support an athletic lifestyle.

Protein Flapjack+ Provides 19g of protein and featuring the versatile benefits of whey protein and milk protein isolate.

PhD Protein Flapjack+ gives 37g of Carbohydrates made from rolled and malted oats for a sustained release of complex carbohydrates to help your body cope with the rigours of the athletic lifestyle and a serious training routine and contains less than 3g saturated fat, rather than the high fat content of regular flapjacks that are traditionally coated with margarine, vegetable oil and butter.



PhD Nutrition

Weight N/A

12 x 75g Bars


Apple & Raspberry, Forrest Berries, Peanut Butter


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