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  • High Energy with No Crash
  • Excellent Focus & Concentration
  • Enhanced Mind-Muscle Connection
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  • Incredible High Energy with No Crash
  • Excellent Focus & Concentration
  • Higher Level Cognitive Processing
  • Amplified Executive Function & Memory
  • Enhanced Mind-Muscle Connection

RAVE is the Extreme Energy Nootropic Pre Workout from ANS Performance. RAVE features the exclusive neurogenic nootropic compound MagicLION

RAVE has been designed to proved unbridled energy and unmatched mental enhancement. 

ANS Performance offers a sports nutrition industry first with RAVE since it features the powerful neurogenic properties of MagicLION (Hericium erinaceus extract) for an unrivaled level of nootropic enhancement. A nootropic is defined as substance that improves mental and cognitive function; things like memory, creativity, focus, executive function and mental energy. This is where RAVE shines above and beyond the category as the most powerful nootropic energy product available.

MagicLION is a specialized extract of Hericium erinaceus, commonly known as Lion’s Mane, which is exclusive to ANS Performance. From it’s incredible physical form from which its name is derived – Lion’s Mane is a powerful traditionally used Chinese medicine with benefits that are just starting to be studied by the Western world. Lion’s Mane contains a number of polysaccharides, including b-glucans – the key immunomodulating class of polysaccharides common to several therapeutic mushroom species. What separates Lion’s Mane from other mushrooms however is the presence of the triterpenes known as hericenones and erinacines. It’s these compounds, found in the fruit body and mycelium, that are considered to be responsible for the neuro-regenerative effects of this species.

Unfortunately for most, our mental energy is limited, and the presence of distractions at work, at home, on television, the internet, social media and our mobile devices creates an environment where the depth of penetration of any single piece of information is very shallow. We end up ‘aware’ of thousands of things going on around us, but never really understand them or have the requisite mental focus and energy to block out the noise and learn. This is where RAVE comes in as an incredible mental performance aid that enhances all facets of cognitive function and also physical performance, via enhancement of the mind-muscle connection.


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