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  • Superior Muscle Building Formula
  • 3X more effective than Whey Protein and 32X more effective than BCAAs
  • Excellent Amino Acid Profile

REAAL Capsules are Twinlab’s patented composition and ratios of EAAs. REAAL has set a new standard for muscle recovery. 

REAAL Capsules are a great supplement for all. Muscle maintenance and recovery are important for everyone who exercises. Hardcore athletes benefit from a ratio-perfect essential amino acid formula.

REAAL Capsules are also perfect for the busy types who don’t hit the gym every day but still work out. Even if your “playtime” only happens on the weekends, you can’t neglect your muscles. As people grow older, maintaining strength helps them stay active longer.

The importance of EAAs and overall muscle health in our bodies cannot be understated. 

REAAL provides what Twinlab believe to be the optimal ratio of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery for peak performance.



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120 Caps




Other Amino Acids, Vegan


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