• Tri Source Protein Blend
  • Over 26% Protein Per Bar
  • No Refined Sugars & Low Saturated Fat
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  • Tri Source Protein Blend Including Micellar Casein
  • Over 26% Protein Per Bar
  • No Refined Sugars & Low Saturated Fat

Reload Flapjack from Grenade is a convenient way to consume additional high, quality Protein in between meals or whilst on deployment without adding unwanted refined sugars or saturated fats.

Reload utilises a sustained release carbohydrate and tri Protein blend containing Whey concentrate, Micellar Casein and ultra-filtered soy isolate in a delicious oven baked bar. To avoid the protein being heated and potentially denatured, the oats are pre-baked and the Protein added afterwards.




Grenade is one of the Worlds leading brands when it comes to Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition providing many popular Supplements with their Carb Killa Bars being a much-loved favourite.

Grenade caters to all, whether looking to Bulk, Cut, MAintain, Grenade have you covered with their range of Creatine, Vitamins & Minerals, Amino Acids, Fat burners and Mass Gainers.

Supplement Genies discounted Grenade range include the much loved Carb Killa Bars, Killa Ketones to aid in Weight Loss, Grenade Glutamine, Carb Killa Protein Spread, and Grenade .50 Calibre.

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12 Bars


Chocolate Browning, Coconut Chaos, Fruit Fused




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