• Can Help with Appetite Control
  • Can Help With Fat Burning
  • Can Help with Keeping Energy Levels Up
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  • Can Help with Appetite Control
  • Can Help With Fat Burning
  • Can Help with Keeping Energy Levels Up

Super HD is a Fat Burner from Cellucor designed to help Promote Fat Loss whilst delivering Energy and Focus

Super HD contains Amla Fruit extract to deliver the most intense and high-powered energy blend on the market, and IFAS503, a novel compound comprised of three fatty acid synthase inhibitors aimed at reducing fat storage and promoting better appetite control.

Some of the Key ingredients:


A key ingredient in Cellucor’s Fourth Generation SuperHD. It is a naturally derived ingredient that helps the body trigger the feeling of satiety to control appetite.

Green Tea

Known as a natural metabolism booster. In combination with proper diet and exercise, Green Tea can help with fat loss efforts.

Amla Fruit Extract

Also known as Indian Gooseberry, contains several active compounds that support mental energy and memory.

Toothed Clubmoss

A natural source of Huperzine A, an active compound that may help support memory, and concentration.



Cellcuor is an award-winning Sports Nutrition Brand with a number of Tops Sports Supplements on offer.

Cellucor always strives to offer Sports Supplements of the highest quality and purity and put all of their products through rigorous testing to ensure safety, consistency and purity.

With their range of Pre-Workouts, Amino Acids and Weight Management products, Cellucor are consistently proving to be a favoured brand.

At Supplement Genie we are constantly striving to offer competitive, discounted pricing, Take a look at our Cellucor offerings below.

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